About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Lindz Tris. My name is Lindsey, I’m a married, crazy cat mommy and just a little bit obsessed with this tri thang. I am also a photographer in Modesto, CA. I run Lindsey Deanne Photography and serve the Central Valley.

I’m a California native and love to spend my time hiking in the Sierras, backpacking and camping, bumming it on the beach every chance I get (which is not often enough!), watching my favorite Sci-Fi or Anime Series (yes I am a big nerd), playing board games with friends (I’ve been known to play Scrabble into the wee hours of the morning) and consuming all things coffee!

My sports of choice are running, triathlon and soccer! I coached and played soccer for many years, but unfortunately don’t get to play much at the moment. I do get out to the foot golf courses when I can, but I’m a bit rusty these days. I’ve been running road races since 2012 and started triathlon in 2015.

As soon as I crossed the finish line of my first triathlon, I knew that I wanted to go the distance and do an Ironman. I set a goal last year to complete an Ironman before my 30th birthday and just recently completed it! Mike Reilly’s voice will be forever burned into my mind. This blog will chronicle my triathlon journey and will include race recaps, a training diary, product reviews and my attempts at cleaning up my diet.

I love talking about running and triathlon and want to motivate others to join the community, especially women. Ultimately, I’d love to see female triathlon participation increased to 50%. Male or Female, if you have any questions about the sport of triathlon or running, or other fitness specific questions shoot me an email! I’d be more than happy to “talk shop” with you.

I’m no pro, just an average age grouper with an Iron dream. I’m sure to make mistakes, I love to learn things the hard way, but I’ll keep going. So check back now and again and follow this girl on her triathlon journey.

See you soon,


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