My Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

It’s a new year! The gyms are currently flocked with fresh batches of people starting new fitness journeys. Fitness classes, treadmills and weight machines with be packed with people for the next month. If you’re like me, that does not at all sound appetizing. I think it’s great that people want to better themselves, but I also like my space. This is why I have a tricked out pain cave and why I constantly fail at getting my butt to the pool to train. Why go to the gym when I can stay at home?

Fitness videos are the ultimate solution to this problem. I love to add in P90x and Insanity videos to my routine. However if you don’t have the older copies, you now have to pay a subscription for access to the videos and while I think the content is great, many of us already pay for a handful (or more) of subscription media services (Netflix, Hulu, Zwift, HBO, etc.).

I am lucky enough to have old versions of P90x and Insanity, but I still like to mix things up every now and then. That is when I turn to YouTube, the ultimate free media resource for basically anything. Want to learn how to change a tire? YouTube. Having a hard time finding the correct position for rolling a particularly tight muscle? YouTube. Want to learn about the agricultural habits of ancient Egyptians? YouTube. Anything and everything you want to learn or see can be found there, so why not fitness videos?

I turn to YouTube regularly to get short workout videos to supplement my daily triathlon routine. From yoga, to HIIT workouts, structured trainer rides to weighted workouts, YouTube has everything you need at an amazing price… Free! Below are a few of my favorite YouTube channels for workout videos.

BodyFit By Amy

I have been using Amy’s videos for years. She has an amiable personality and really knows her stuff. Her videos range from beginner to expert with a wide variety of workouts from 10-45 minutes long. I personally love her no equipment videos and the videos she has for TRX equipment. I’m not good at coming up with TRX exercises on my own and find myself going back to her again and again for guidance.


Global Cycling Network is my go to place for cycling videos. Whether I want to learn how to adjust my gears, change a tire or get a quick HIIT trainer ride in, GCN is my first choice. I love their trainer videos. They have a wide variety of HIIT workouts, hill workouts, spin classes, intervals, whatever you fancy they have it.

Their videos typically last anywhere from 15-45 minutes and are a great supplement to use for trainer rides where you might have no direction. I use Rouvy, Cycleops’ training software now, but I still go back to GCN to get a HIIT workout in every now and then. There’s something about having someone tell you what to do, even if they are just on a computer screen, that motivates you to push a little harder. GCN’s videos are especially beneficial to beginners, those without a coach or those using a “dumb” trainer (aka not able to link your trainer up to specialized software that will vary the intensity for you).

Yoga with Adriene


I’m the first to admit that I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with my stretching routine. Yoga with Adriene, is one of my favorite resources for Yoga on YouTube. Her 30 day Yoga Intros are among my favorite videos. When I get sick of my flexibility issues, I inevitably turn to her 30 day videos to get myself back into a proper routine. The videos are short, not strenuous and in my opinion a great introduction to Yoga. She puts out a new targeted 30 day yoga routine, every year. If you check out her channel now, you’ll see she has already started this year’s. Her channel also offers targeted videos that may be of interest to more advanced yoga practitioners.


The Blogilates channel provides a range of short targeted workout videos that I find entertaining to add to my routine to mix up the inevitable monotony of swim bike run. Her videos are short and sweet. I wouldn’t say I’d base an entire day’s workout around them, but as supplemental material they are a fun addition.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is perhaps the most popular of the channels I have listed here. They have a wide variety of fitness related videos and their workout videos have a high production value. Mixing up a couple of their videos can get you a killer workout, or act as a great supplement to your current triathlon or endurance training.


Okay Dr Jo isn’t really a channel you should go to for workouts, BUT she is an incredible resource for all things physical therapy. Dr Jo is a quirky licensed PT with a doctorate in physical therapy and really knows her stuff. I have referenced her videos many times for the aches and pains triathlon brings me and each time I was happy that I had. She has a wide variety of videos targeting everything from shin splints to IT band problems to PF. Dr Jo obviously isn’t a replacement for an in-person visit to your PT, but if you already know your issue, she can be of immense help.

Honorable Mentions

Zuzka Light: I’ve actually used her videos for quite awhile, but was more a fan of her early work. Still she knows her stuff and does have good videos.

-POPSUGAR Fitness: This channel offers a wide variety of tutorials, workouts and exercises. I’ve only used a few of their videos, but they do have a wide range of training videos and high production value.

The Body Coach TV – He posts weekly HIIT workouts that require zero equipment. His videos are short, but can be a great addition to your daily workout routine.


That’s it for my favorite Fitness YouTube channels. Do you have a favorite YouTube channel for fitness? If so let me know in the comments!