Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 2017 Race Report – Finish & Afterthoughts

Finish and Afterthoughts

I came up on the chute, adjusted my kit, picked up the pace and prettied my form (My finish pics were gonna look nice okay). I booked it though the chute and finished with a time of 7:33:43. Final run time of 2:49:00, 25 minutes faster than my split in Arizona.

When I started the run, I thought I might be able to get closer to 7 hrs, but after my GI issues, I was happy to finish clean, or as clean as one can be after 70.3 miles, and on two feet. I ended the race feeling pretty good. I’m not saying I wanted to go out right that second and double the distance, but if someone had told me I needed to turn around and do more, I definitely could have done so.

In the end, I raced a bit under my goal HR, about 3bpm under on the bike and 5 on the run. The bike was lower mainly because I was being conservative. I hadn’t exactly done much hill training prior to this and I was unsure how much the climbing would take out of me. My run hr was lower solely due to GI issues, something I hope to have figured out before my full. And my swim, while I was disappointed about my panic attack, I’m fairly certain it was a fluke, so I won’t dwell on it. I still beat my previous swim time. In fact, I beat all three of my previous splits.

I’d say my hydration was on point, in fact, I learned how to fill up my aero bottle on the course. Before this race I hadn’t realized there was a quick way to fill the bottle, DUH.  I still l need to work on my nutrition. It was not terrible, I definitely got more calories in here than I did at Arizona. I could have taken more in on the bike and probably should have taken in some chews on the run.

The course for this race is beautiful. If you are thinking about registering, do it. Wine country in California is beautiful year round and the climate is mild. If you are thinking about doing the full in July, it will be hotter, but not terribly so. I believe the bike course will be the same with loops, although we only have to do the big climb once (yay!) and the run course should also be very similar, just a little elongated. All in all, a great race, in a gorgeous venue.