Sock Bouquet DIY

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Actually it’s tomorrow. Here is a simple DIY for my fellow procrastinators. Roses are great to get on Valentine’s Day, but they die. I much prefer flowers that last, usually buying potted plants as gifts. For the runner in your life, a running sock bouquet says, “I love you and I get you.”

This DIY will take about 30 minutes and the roses will last years!


  • 3-6 pairs of socks of your partner’s favorite socks, depending on whether you want a half or a dozen roses. Colors can be coordinated or random, it doesn’t matter. My favorite running socks are Balega of course!
  • 6-12 chopsticks, skewers or straight twigs
  • a spool of cheap ribbon, I used twine. Rubber bands will also work
  • Nice green ribbon. I’m using 1-1/2″ double faced ribbon in Emerald Green
  • Glass Vase
  • Optional – Burlap Ribbon to wrap around the vase that is larger than your green ribbon


  1.  Roll your sock into a rose. I start with the toe end and work my way back to the heel, rolling loosely for an open rose.
  2. Tie off the end of your rose to keep it together with your cheap ribbon or rubber bands
  3. Using your nicer ribbon tie a bow around the bottom of your rose concealing the cheap ribbon and giving the illusion of leaves.
  4. After your socks are rolled and tied, stick a chopstick through the bottom of the sock to complete your rose
  5. Repeat for each sock.
  6.  Arrange your socks in your glass vase mixing colors.
  7.  Optional – My vase was very plain and I didn’t like the look of all of the chopsticks in the jar. I wrapped my vase with a thick piece of burlap ribbon and tied a bow around the ribbon with my excess green satin ribbon.

That’s it! This DIY is super simple and quick. It works well for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, mother’s and father’s day or even Christmas!